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Accomplished Intellectual Property Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

Intellectual Property

In Need of an Intellectual Property Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA?

At Omni Law P.C., our Los Angeles business attorneys understand your intellectual property — whether it exists as literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, names, or images — is part of your professional identity and must be protected.

We represent entrepreneurs, thought leaders, California companies, national brands, and global corporations to leverage and safeguard their intellectual assets and navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding them, including technology, patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, with skill and precision.

Whether you are using your intellectual property for monetization through licensing, product development and innovation, brand building and marketing, strategic alliances and partnerships, or defensive strategies and trade secret protection, we understand your goals must align with state, federal, and international laws that pertain to your trade to achieve maximum success.

This is why we are here. We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients, allowing them to see each potential angle of their business, intellectual property, and legal needs so no detail is left to chance regarding how today’s guidance affects their future growth.

Our lawyers and support staff pride themselves on availability and responsiveness, allowing us to be true partners when our clients need us. Whether it is an evening phone call, a weekend meeting, or a scheduled workday appointment, our skilled Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys’ personalized service combines with our law firm’s experience to create end-to-end legal solutions for each client. Intellectual Property Lawyer in Los Angeles

Our Skilled Intellectual Property Attorneys in Los Angeles, California Protect Your Future

At Omni Law P.C., our Los Angeles intellectual property lawyers provide end-to-end legal solutions that allow our clients to strategically drive innovation, create value, establish a competitive advantage, and generate revenue through various channels.

We understand the effective management and protection of intellectual property are integral to a business’s overall success and sustainability in the marketplace and can help provide:

  • Legal Protection
  • Our intellectual property attorneys help individuals and businesses obtain legal protection for their innovations and creations. This protection can take various forms, including patents for inventions, trademarks for logos and brand names, copyrights for creative works, and trade secrets for confidential business information.

    • Enforcement of Rights
    When someone infringes on our client’s intellectual property rights, we help enforce them through cease-and-desist letters, negotiating settlements, or, if necessary, pursuing legal action through litigation.

    • Avoiding Infringement
    Our intellectual property attorneys conduct searches and analyses to ensure that our clients’ activities, products, or services do not infringe on the rights of others. This helps prevent costly legal disputes and ensures that the business operates within the bounds of the law.

    • Licensing and Transactions
    Businesses use licensing agreements or other intellectual property transactions to monetize their products or services. Our intellectual property lawyers in Los Angeles negotiate, draft, and review these agreements to ensure our client’s interests are protected, and the terms are clear and enforceable.

    • Portfolio Management
    For businesses with a significant intellectual property portfolio, we help manage and strategically develop their assets. This includes assessing the value of different assets, deciding whether to pursue additional protection and making informed decisions about the use and monetization of intellectual property.

    • Brand Protection
    Trademarks are crucial for protecting a company's brand. Our intellectual property lawyers assist in selecting and registering trademarks and enforcing the rights associated with those trademarks against potential infringers.
    • Innovation and Research Support
    In industries where innovation is critical, like technology and pharmaceuticals, our intellectual property attorneys support research and development efforts to help businesses navigate the patent process and protect their innovations.

    • Risk Management
    Understanding and managing the risks associated with intellectual property is essential to our client's success and future growth. Our Los Angeles intellectual property attorneys help identify potential risks, such as the risk of infringing on existing patents, and guide how to mitigate those risks.

    We Also Represent The Following Areas:

    Contact Our Intellectual Property Attorneys Today

    Our attorneys play a crucial role in protecting our clients’ innovations, brands, and creative works, safeguarding their competitive advantage, managing legal risks, and ensuring that intellectual property assets are used strategically to support their overall business objectives.

    Contact our dedicated intellectual property attorneys at Omni Law P.C. today to learn how we can protect your and your company’s best interests so you can achieve the success you deserve.

    Alex Davis

    Alex Davis

    Alex Davis is the founding member of Omni Law P.C. His practice focuses on providing high level strategic advice and guidance on deal structures, negotiating complex transactions, and offering personalized legal services.

    Bradley Mindrup

    Bradley Mindrup

    Brad Mindrup serves as Of Counsel at Omni Law P.C. where he specializes in providing legal counsel to founders, start-ups, and investors. With a focus on corporate structuring, capital raises, and general commercial transactions within the technology, media, and health industries, Brad brings a wealth of experience to his clients.

    Kathy Fox

    Kathy Fox

    Kathy Fox serves as Of Counsel at Omni Law P.C. Kathy has experience in civil defense litigation, general corporate law, securities, tokenomics and contracts.
    Alex Davis

    Maclean Bowers

    Maclean Bowers drafts various entertainment contracts and other transactional agreements for the Omni Law team.
    Sky Shachory

    Sky Shachory

    Sky Shachory provides paralegal and administrative support to the Omni Law team.

    Contact Omni Law P.C. for Transactional, Business, and Corporate Legal Services.

    Looking for expert guidance for your business? Omni Law P.C. specializes in providing flexible and affordable legal services to businesses, executives, and founders across various industries. Our experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of corporate transactions, intellectual property, commercial agreements, emerging technologies, and the legal aspects of the cannabis industry. We offer businesses the outside counsel they need to succeed. Whether you require assistance with contract negotiation, trademark registration, or mergers and acquisitions, we provide strategic legal counsel tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today at (323) 300-4184 to see how we can provide the legal support to help you reach your business objectives.

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