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Professional Business Litigation Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Business Litigation Attorneys in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In Need of a Business Litigation Lawyer in Philadelphia?

At Omni Law, P.C., our Philadelphia business litigation lawyers know that establishing and operating a Pennsylvania company is challenging. No matter your product or service, things will not always go as planned. Unfortunately, some of the challenges surface in the form of litigation.

Whether you are pursuing a legal remedy or the one being pursued, our Philadelphia County business litigation attorneys provide individuals and businesses with the outside counsel they need to succeed throughout their professional journeys.

Our attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge and practical business insight, which they use to navigate complex legal issues, develop effective strategies, and ultimately ensure that the company’s rights and assets are safeguarded—no matter which side of the courtroom they are on. Understanding the Philadelphia, PA Business Litigation

Omni Law: Philadelphia, PA Business Litigation Attorneys Providing Comprehensive Legal Strategies

At Omni Law, P.C., our business litigation lawyers in Philadelphia understand companies might need corporate law firm representation for various reasons, primarily to handle legal disputes that can arise during business operations.

Our law firm handles several vital areas of business litigation with distinction, including:

  • Handling cases where one party alleges that another party has failed to fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • Enforcing the terms of a contract or defending against claims of breach.
  • Addressing wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, and other employment-related claims.
  • Ensuring that company policies comply with employment laws and defending against related litigation.
  • Litigating cases involving alleged trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secrets infringement.
  • Defending the company against claims of IP infringement by others.
  • Resolving disputes between shareholders, partners, or members regarding the business's management, direction, or control.
  • Handling legal issues related to dissolving partnerships or buyout agreements.
  • Addressing conflicts between landlords and tenants over lease terms, property conditions, or evictions.

  • Litigating property ownership, zoning, and land use issues.
  • Representing the company in investigations or enforcement actions by government agencies.
  • Defending against allegations of regulatory non-compliance.
  • Handling claims involving alleged defects in products that cause harm to consumers.
  • Defending against claims of false advertising, fraud, or unfair business practices.
  • Litigating cases involving allegations of business fraud, misrepresentation, or deceptive practices.
  • Addressing claims of interference with contractual or business relationships.
  • Handling legal disputes that arise during or after merging with or acquiring another company.
  • Addressing problems uncovered during due diligence that could lead to litigation.
  • Representing the company in disputes with creditors or during bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Assisting in the collection of outstanding debts through litigation.
  • Developing and implementing a legal strategy to defend against lawsuits filed against the company.
  • Advising on ways to mitigate the risk of future litigation through improved business practices and compliance.
  • Attempting to resolve disputes outside of court through negotiation or settlement.
  • Representing the company in arbitration or mediation proceedings as an alternative to traditional litigation.
  • At Omni Law, P.C., our business litigation lawyers in Philadelphia provide comprehensive guidance to businesses of all sizes. We offer personalized advice tailored to your specific needs, addressing legal issues and challenges that arise throughout your company’s lifecycle.

    Contact Our Business Litigation Attorneys in Philadelphia, PA For Help Today

    Our lawyers and support staff pride themselves on availability and responsiveness, allowing us to be true partners when our clients need us. We know your business does not rest, and as your attorneys, neither will we. Whether it is an evening phone call, a weekend meeting, or a scheduled workday appointment, our skilled Philadelphia business attorneys’ personalized service combines with our law firm’s experience to create end-to-end legal solutions for each client.

    Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships and provide expert legal counsel for individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, partnerships, and long-established corporations.

    Contact Our Dedicated Philadelphia Business Litigation Attorneys Today

    Contact our dedicated Philadelphia business litigation attorneys at Omni Law, P.C. today to learn how we can protect your and your company’s best interests and help you achieve the success you deserve.

    Alex Davis

    Alex Davis

    Alex Davis is the founding member of Omni Law P.C. His practice focuses on providing high level strategic advice and guidance on deal structures, negotiating complex transactions, and offering personalized legal services.

    Kathy Fox

    Kathy Fox

    Kathy Fox serves as Of Counsel at Omni Law P.C. Kathy has experience in civil defense litigation, general corporate law, securities, tokenomics and contracts.
    Alex Davis

    Maclean Bowers

    Maclean Bowers drafts various entertainment contracts and other transactional agreements for the Omni Law team.
    Sky Shachory

    Sky Shachory

    Sky Shachory provides paralegal and administrative support to the Omni Law team.

    Contact Omni Law P.C. for Transactional, Business, and Corporate Legal Services.

    Seeking knowledgeable guidance for your business? Omni Law P.C. focuses on providing flexible and affordable legal services to businesses, executives, and founders across various industries. Our experienced attorneys have a deep understanding of corporate transactions, intellectual property, commercial agreements, emerging technologies, and the legal aspects of the cannabis industry. We offer businesses the outside counsel they need to succeed. Whether you require assistance with contract negotiation, trademark registration, or mergers and acquisitions, we provide strategic legal advice tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today at (323) 300-4184 to see how we can provide the legal support to help you achieve your business objectives.

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